Pattiwar Shravan Kumar

Pattiwar Shravan Kumar


Professional Skills

Java, J2EE 80%
Python 70%
Codeigniter 80%
Servlets,JSP 72%
Struts framework 61%
Tomcat & XAMPP 89%
PHP & MySQL 90%
Eclipse & Spring Source Tool Suit 90%
Devops 50%
Amazon Webseriveces(AWS) 55%
VMWare & Oracle Box 80%
R Programing 60%
Mininet 90%
Network Emulator NETEM 80%
IPERF Tool 80%
BWM-ng 70%
Wireshark 65%
Java Script 60%
Json 50%
JQuery 50%
CISCO Packet Tracer 60%
Unix Kernel 60%

Personal Skills

Self Confidence.

To learn & accept new ideas with positive thinking.

Willingness to work in a team.

Leadership Qualities.

Easily adapting Current environment and location.

Good Understanding of requirements and Analysis.

Willingness to shift or upgrade advance areas in Computer Science.


Presented a Paper in National Conference


National Conference on Computational Intelligence Computing & Networks

Presented a Research paper in 3rd national conference under Technical Education Quality Improvement Program india title of the paper is "Privacy Negotiation Approach To Enable Rapid Access" with the ISBINo. 9789383038480

Received Certificate from National Level FDP


National Level Faculty Development Program

Participated and Received Certificate from National Level Faculty Development Program on Recent Trends in Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics Under TEQIP - II S.C-1.1

Member of IAENG


International Association of Engineers

Received Prestigious membership of International Association of Engineers (IAENG) Successfully

Received Certificate from NCC

32 (A) Battalion

National Cadet Corps (Ministry of Defence)

Participated in Camps , and received NCC certificate under the authority of Ministry of Defence , Government of India

Received Certificate from NSS

Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports India

National Service Scheme

Participated in Camps , and Served services to rural villages as provided awareness on Clean & green and epidemic. received certificate by NSS, Government of India


Master of Technology

Master's Degree

MREC (Autonomous)

while pursuing my master degree i gained Most of the practical knowledge on research areas, i worked for research papers and successfully published in reputed journals and conferences. most of the part is identifying a research problem and finding the solution and implementation of solution

Bachelor of Technology

Bachelor's Degree


I gained the knowledge on subjects and programming languages with there applications and i worked in projects like Business applications automation software implementation interacting with clients understanding the requirements most of the part is for application development

Intermediate (10+2)

High School


I gained a lot of basic knowledge on subjects i started to learn C language as i am interested in Computer science


Aug/2016 to Aug/2017

Misfeasance Activities Detection and Prevention Method in Cloud Computing

Java/J2EE, Servlets, JSP, MySql, Hibernate, HTML, Java Srcipt, CSS

In this Research Project we implemented a strategy based on that we detect the attacker's request and we block the entertainment of the request coming from that particular IP address. So the attacker requests are detected and services are prevented to provide them and server will serve the services to its actual users properly. And the administrator of cloud can unblock the IP Address after some time if he wants and we provide some customized parameters which can fix by the cloud provider as per his requirement and as a nature of services and results are compared graphs generated and much more related to this research project and successfully publushed in International journal.


Green Tips

HTML, Java Srcipt, CSS, PHP, Mysql

Satisfying all the client requirements for his website designing and implementing.

Jan/2015 to Aug/2015

SHG Finance Management Application

java/J2EE, XHTML, JSF2.0, MySQL, Ajax

The objective of this project is to automate the Entire Finance Transactions customer acceptances Customer management generating different dynamic reports employee management for security with installments entry loan tracking, fine, interest tracking All business accounts managements tracking record of all debits credits investments with unique customer id’s all database regarding above transactions etc…


PS Documentaions

HTML, Java Srcipt, CSS

Satisfying all the client requirements for his website designing and implementing.

June/2014 to Dec/2014

Mall Explorer Web Application for data management

java/J2EE, JSP, MySQL, Ajax,Spring Framework, Maven, Jetty

It’s a web application for Mall Explorer Mobile app it has an admin panel who can register malls and stores users are malls and store owners who can request for adding there mall and store once user is recognized by admin his account is going to activated by admin and user can enter there mall details events details stores and there offers details up to date

June/2014 to Sep/2014

Mall Explorer mobile App

java, Androide

It is a Android mobile application which describes about All Malls available in Delhi/NCR its showing the list of malls as well as stores available in each mall Offers of each stores and it shows stores category wise with full address and details of store parking place of mall its shows popular malls as per footfall.

Feb/2014 to May/2014

Only for football club management application.

java/J2EE, JSP, MySQL, Ajax, Spring Framework, Maven, Jetty

This is a web application which describes about only for football. Managing details of Story, events, vote polls, fanstalk, footblog, new user registration user can vote to polls, join an event add page in but admin will examine the page and he will allow to publish its contains RSS feed for latest news of football and Flipcart sports category affiliation and cart oh showing Flipcart products

April/2013 to Jan/2014

SH Finance Customer Outlets Generator

java/J2EE, Servlets, Jsp’s, HTML

The objective of this project is to automate the Outlets generating for customers like Dynamically Passbooks, Loan books, Bonds, Slips for customer it automates all the transactions and printing area suitable to printers and comfortable to operator with security for administrator and operator it reduces the manual work to operator and admin with. As per Client Requirement.

Aug/2011 to Nov/2012

SS Technologies.

HTML, Java Script, CSS

Satisfying all the client requirements for his website designing

Dec/2012 to Mar/2013

A Dynamic Database Enabled Web Application for educational institution.

java/J2EE, HTML, MySQL

The objective of this live project is to develop a dynamic database driven web application which consists of user and administration modules. The user can see the academic details, staff details, activities. The user can also send the feedback. The admin can maintain the staff details, bulletin board, achievements activities and feedback details. In this project we are fulfilling all the client requirements.

Aug/2011 to Nov/2012

Automobile Management Automation.

java/J2EE, Servlets, Jsp’s, HTML, Ajax

The objective of this project is to automate the entire details of Automobile Service Station. The system maintains database repair history of the each and every automobile which comes for repair. The estimated bill with a unique id will be given to the Automobile’s owner which has to be presented at the time of delivery such that final bill will be generated based on unique id with some changes if any. As per Client Requirement


Published a Research paper in International Journal


International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology

Published a Research paper in International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology which is high impact factor and open access journal title of the research papar is "Misfeasance Activities Detection and Prevention Method in Cloud Computing"
URL: Misfeasance Activities Detection and Prevention Method in Cloud Computing

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